Allergy Drops

Why use Allergy Drops?

Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, approximately 20% of the population, yet less than 5% of allergic individuals are using immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a treatment which can change the underlying allergy disease versus just temporarily treating the symptoms. Allergy sufferers have a hard time selecting injection immunotherapy even though it is an effective treatment. The thought of the injection keeps them from choosing it. Allergy drops however is an easier way to dispense the same antigens that are used in an allergy shot. Allergy sufferers may find this a better way to administer their allergy treatment.

Here are some benefits for allergy sufferers to consider with using the allergy drop treatment method instead of the injection method:

• Convenience of taking the allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) at home or taking them with you to work, vacations etc.

• Allergy drops can treat a wide array of conditions and types of allergic patients.

• Patients also spend less time at physician visits versus injection immunotherapy.

• The ability to treat patients safely and effectively for all ages, older adults to children.

• The cost of allergy drops also is typically less and since the need for office visits is reduced so is your cost. Compared to allergy shots/injections, patients can avoid weekly or monthly office visits that typically occur with allergy injections.

• Drops also may reduce the need for allergy medications. Many patients need less medication to control symptoms after starting an allergy drop treatment. Patients using less medication will also have less medication expenses.


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